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Disegno Ceramica experience started in the 1993. And it is a real true experience, such as the ones you can live enjoying a new travel, through expected and unexpected events: you are ready to face the first ones and for the second ones you need courage and ability to solve problems. Bothe of the elements will build uo your life experience. Disegno Ceramica is a journey along bathroom design scenary, the way it has been in the past and the way it has be today. A company which thinks and produces in constant connection with everything happens inside global market and companies of the same field. That’s the way Disegno Ceramica has built its experience, which made of it an innovative, evoluted and mature company. Today Disegno Ceramica represents the tipical brand of the nade in Italy design: research, project and creation express themselves in all the collections offered by the company. Thesa values are the realization of everything the target is looking for: sustainability, health, utility and duration without renouncing to a strong identity expression and to a personal style.
“Interpret design in two complementary directions: technology and design.”

Il nostro territorio

Civita Castellana, on the slopes of Mount Soratte, in Upper Lazio, is an industrial island in a purely agricultural provincial context. The territory rich in tuff, pozzolana and lava produced by the extinct volcanoes of the Sabatini and Cimini Mountains has favored the processing of ceramics since ancient times. The white clay, composed of gray and yellow clay with iron oxide and pure kaolin, very plastic, easily kneadable and moldable, as well as having the property to harden considerably after firing, is the most important raw material for the ceramic industry .
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