FOREVER is the shower tray with a perfectly smooth surface, thanks to an innovative enamel applied directly during the firing phase. Apart from an excellent and lasting aesthetic result in terms of brilliance and pleasantness to the touch, this characteristic makes it more resistant to scratches, abrasions and to the deposit of dirt and limestone. This feature remains the same also on the coloured versions of the shower tray, thanks to the method of single firing, thus keeping the quality standard unchanged.

The FOREVER shower tray in ceramic, can be “cut” according to each client’s needs, they can be easily adapted to any type of installation, whether they concern out-ofsquare walls, pillars or existing pipes! The FOREVER shower tray, characterized by a very thin thickness, is also completely customizable, thanks to the many available sizes.
Antislip Surface
Impact, scratch and
abrasion resistance

Easy to Clean
Flush-fit or above the floor
On demand
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