Live the Bathroom

An innovative production system that follows the highest quality standards in the world of ceramic production dedicated to the bathroom; and a system designed to fully meet the industrial production and the distribution on the market.
7 A.M.

1 Doccia


Why are the best ideas born in the shower?
It is not just a way of saying: automatic activities (like washing) favor the strokes of genius. You are there intent on inflating the foam of the shampoo when, suddenly, an electrocution: the solution to a problem that has tormented you for a long time comes to mind as if it had always been there.

How many times does it happen?
More than you think, and hot water or soap has nothing to do with it. The shower creates the perfect conditions for what scientists call eureka moments (achievements, sudden inspirations).

8.30 A.M.

2 Musica


Music is music, and life without it is like a body without a soul. Cicero’s words. Music is an art form that can truly unite people from distant cultures. When listening to your favorite music, the brain releases dopamine, the “pleasure hormone” associated with eating, drinking and sexuality. The science that studies the history of music is musicology, and the main theories on its origins are fundamentally two, based on one rhythm and the other on the melody. Its birth and its evolution were dictated by a necessity but also by spontaneity: grown up like the life of a climbing plant on the genealogical tree of man. Something that hides, for many, even today something magical, mysterious and even spiritual, not just notes and timpani.

9 A.M.

3 Gabinetto


The first toilet with running water that has been reported dates back to Minos, King of Crete, who built it a full 3000 years before Christ.

The large-scale diffusion of water as we know it today is due to Thomas Crapper, an 18th-century London plumber. According to the statistics we spend sitting on the toilet about 3 years of our lives. No wonder there’s a publishing house in the United States, the BathroomReader, specializing in publishing books to read ... while sitting there. 14

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